Your Identity Is Valid <3


An autistic hurricane of fresh air

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My name is Pixie and I'm a neurodivergent, disabled, pansexual, demi-romantic demi-sexual, non-binary, agender, femme person. I'm committed to providing services that affirm and celebrate all identies. I focus on serving folks in the queer/trans, kink, and polyamorous communities. Additionally, I am a trauma specialist with training in EMDR, and pull from IFS and somatic work to help heal trauma. Beyond that I do a lot of work with neurodivergent folks. I believe in utilizing an approach that acknowledges the impact of the enviroment on the individual and recognizes the effects of structural oppression.

I have a degree in Gender and Sexualty Studies and a Master's Degree in Social Work, and draw on DBT, EMDR, IFS, somatic experiencing therapy, and expressive arts to offer trauma-informed holistic therapy. I believe in client-centered therapy and work closely with individuals to co-create mental health goals.